The Midwest and most notably the Chicago/Northwest Indiana section of the country has been home to an amazing roller skating style called JB. What does the JB stand for? James Brown of course! There are variations on this style of skating and it is still one of the strongest genre’s of roller skating today. The music of James Brown sets the stage for the style along with other Rhythm and Blues music but it’s that beat, skaters work out routines to ‘that beat’.

Calvin Small and friends started skating to James Brown music in 1971 and everyone noticed that they skated differently, fluidly, gracefully and other skaters wanted to learn this style.

Here’s a little history video by D-Breeze one of Chicago’s best JB DJ’s:

JB Skating History Lesson from Jose Jozo on Vimeo.

JB Skaters gather nationally for large adult skate parties originally started at Orbit Skate Center in Palatine IL and then expanding to Detroit and eventually around the country. Some of these events host thousands of skaters!

Join us at Sk8world for our JB nights on Wednesdays from 8pm – 11pm! We’d love to see you there learning this Midwest style of skating.