Rules and Policies of Sk8 World of Portage

Here at Sk8 World we take the safety and security of our patrons and staff very seriously which is why this week we have implemented and strictly enforced new and existing rules in our facility. PLEASE take the time to read them so it is not a surprise when you come to visit.

Parental Responsibility

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE rule. Any issues that arise from your child’s actions will result in them being escorted out of the facility and will be banned from future entry into SK8 World. We are family fun environment NOT a hangout for teens to gather in groups. We are not a childcare facility! We expect parents and guardians to watch their own children and not leave them at our facility for us to babysit especially when they are being disrespectful to staff and patrons. Special exceptions will be made for our loyal customers that we have NOT had issues with and know the parents or child very well. In addition, we have had a surge in Patrons lately. Due to COVID restrictions, amount of rental skates available and staffing, a patron with their own skates will have a much better chance on entry.

If you or you child are disrespectful to other patrons or staff, expect to be escorted out of the facility and be banned for future entry. Trespassing citations will be enforced by law enforcement if needed. Loitering on the premises is strictly prohibited.

We are a Roller Skating Rink

Everyone is required to have skates on in our facility with the exception of small children and parent spectators.

Minor Policy of Sk8 World

Anyone under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent present to enter and parent is required to stay with the children (max 2 children per parent) the entire time while at our facility. (JUST TO CLARIFY… A LARGER FAMILY IS WELCOME AS ALWAYS, THIS TO PREVENT SOME TEENS FROM COMING IN GROUPS WITH A RANDOM ADULT. WE WILL ALLOW MULTIPLE KIDS FROM ONE FAMILY ALONG WITH A PARENT/GUARDIAN FROM THE SAME FAMILY. WHAT WE WILL NOT ALLOW IS A PARENT TO BRING A GROUP OF TEENS NOT IN THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILY.)

**Additional children/friends may be be permitted at the discretion of management at the time**

If you are a parent walking in with teens that have been denied access because the teens do not have a parent or guardian present and you are trying to get them into the facility, you will be denied access.

Dress Code

Absolutely no hats or hoodies to be worn over the head will be permitted inside the facility at all. Please leave them in your vehicle. Special exceptions may be given for adults with certain issues or at the managers discretion.

Hours of Service

Please pay close attention to our hours of service. You can view our Schedule here.


rules and policies

Late Pick Ups

There is a 15 minute window after the closing time and whoever is left in the facility will be asked to wait outside. We have stayed past the closing time to accommodate late arrival pickups so we do not leave your children outside but our kindness has been taken advantage of and has gotten out of control. We are staying 1-2 hrs past our closing time to wait which is a major inconvenience to our staff as they want to get home as well. Requiring the parents to be present thru the Sk8 session should alleviate the issue.

As mentioned above we are a family fun environment. Patrons come here for the LOVE OF SKATING and not to deal with drama the happens in school or your personal lives. Keep it out of our facility. We expect the new rules will make everybody’s personal enjoyment better at our facility.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Sk8 World