Learning to roller skate at any age can improve your overall health and provides important social activity. Our students range in age from 5 years to 83 years old!.  Using time-tested methods our teachers help students learn how to balance on skates, roll forwards and learn how to stop.

Roller Skate Classes are cancelled until further notice.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available by appointment only. Please call the rink at 219-759-1999 or the Party Hotline at 219-307-6410 to schedule yours!

Protective Gear

Roller skating takes practice and the more you skate the faster you will become proficient at not only the basic skills but advanced ones too. Wearing protective gear like wrist guards, elbow and knee protection is suggested but not mandatory. If wearing a helmet makes you feel safer, please bring your own.

Lifetime Advantages

Roller skating at an early age teaches the important skill of balance. Young skaters excel at school sports if they can roller skate. Any school sport has balance as a cornerstone track, tennis, football, soccer and cheer leading. Many Olympic team members cite roller skating as their first sport. In fact, roller speed skating was featured at the 2018 Summer Olympics in Buenos Aires!

Give your child and yourself the joy of learning to roller skate. Our classes at Sk8World are fun and engaging and will get your rolling in no time!

Roller skate classes cancelled until further notice at Sk8 World