Sk8world Portage sells skates

Why rent skates

The choice of equipment you use for any sport can make the difference between really progressing in skill level and enjoyment or deciding that a sport is not your cup of tea.

Roller skating is no different than having your own bowling ball and shoes, ski equipment or ice skates. If you wish to advance your abilities, it’s easier with your own skates.

When you first start out, renting skates is a good idea to make sure that this is the sport you want to participate in over and over. The rental skates at Sk8world in Portage Indiana are brand new and very comfortable. After a few visits, if you are loving the feeling of skating it might be time to get your own pair.

Online Skate Shops

You could buy your skates at a big sports store or online and perhaps save a little but there’s a few things to consider.

Things to think about before buying your skates online:

  • Are they the right skates for you?
  • Where are you going to get them serviced?
  • What if they don’t fit?
  • Are the wheels the proper ones for me?
  • Who will adjust them when I need help?

Purchasing your own skates at Sk8world

Sk8world is the best place to shop for skates. Our trained personnel that are skaters themselves. They can answer your questions and explain the differences in the models of roller skates.

There are important considerations in buying skates:

  • What level is your skating ability
  • What type of skating are you wanting to do?
  • Getting the best value for your budget

Buying roller skates is an investment and spending enough to get a good pair that can be enjoyed for years to come will give you the true return value in good health and fun. Take a few classes (new ones begin January 6th) and you’ll be on your way to becoming a great skater!