Lacing up your skates is a big deal. No, not the difficulty of it – that’s something most 6 year olds can do.

Did you know you can lace up your roller skates in different ways to benefit your feet? Most feet are not perfectly formed and therefore we offer that there is more than one way to lace your skates to alleviate a variety of situations.Lacing chart for roller skates

Are your feet tender? Do you have high arches or are you pronated or have flat feet? Do you have bone spurs anywhere on your foot? Hard to believe that a simple lacing technique can help to alleviate some of the pressure placed on feet by roller skates. Skates can be heavy and even if you have a light plate once you add wheels, bearings and a boot roller skates can add a couple pounds to each foot.

Check out this graphic that illustrates different and creative ways to lace your roller skates. Three different ways to lace your skates!

Which lacing method is best for me?

Your heels need to be in the back of your skate boot. If your heel cup on your boot isn’t keeping your heel snug, try this method!

If you have high arches and feel pressure on the top of your foot when skating, try relacing and following the diagram to remove pressure points.

Many skaters develop hammer toes and corns from improperly fitted roller skating boots. Make sure your toes are not hitting the front of your boots when you skate. This can cause nasty problems like ingrown toenails, hammer toes and bunions. If you already have an issue with any of these, visit your doctor and try this method of lacing your boots.

What if I want to buy my own roller skates?

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