With the holiday season already here you might need some gift inspiration for your favorite skater! Roller skating is a popular and healthy activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Nothing pleases them more than a gift that relates to their favorite pastime. Just like any other sport, roller skating involves special equipment and we have some holiday gift ideas that will not only thrill your skater but be kind to your budget as well.

If your skater doesn’t have their own skates, this is a great way to begin. Skates are either inline or quads. Quads are your traditional roller skate and prices start at $65 for a child’s skate that has light up wheels. Inline skates have the wheels all in a line and start at $69 for a child’s skate. There’s also adjustable skates for kids. Adult skates range in price and it really depends on your skating ability and the type of skating you enjoy. The well trained friendly staff at Sk8 World in Portage Indiana can show you a range of skates to fit your budget.

Other gifts for skaters are accessories like a new set of wheels, laces, poms, bearings and a gift certificate from Sk8 World allows the skater to use it where they want to – from free admission to skates or accessories or skate classes. You cannot go wrong when it comes to gifts for skaters, anything roller skating related will be a huge hit!