So many roller rinks around the country are closing, there’s certainly room for a story of a roller rink with a happy ending. Sk8world of Portage Indiana was one of those closed rinks. Formerly known as R-Way that had been closed for a while went up for sale. Current owners and cousins Eli Pecoski and Paul Terzioski saw an opportunity to bring back the rink with a new name, a new image and a great way to bring healthy activities to the Portage Indiana community. The response to the news of the roller rink reopening was outstanding, with the Facebook page gathering 5,200 followers and now up to over 8,000 and growing of Sk8world with the disco ball lit up

Joyce Russell, reporter with The Times wrote this article heralding the opening of the rink and what a boon it would be to the people of Portage and surrounding communities. Paul Terzioski states in the article “Kids today,” Terzioski said, “are all glued to their iPhones and iPads. We want to give them a place with something else to do. This will be a place for families.”

A member of the Roller Skating Association International, Sk8world is offering FREE roller skating classes each Sunday from 11am-1pm through the end of October to teach all ages how to roller skate in honor of National Roller Skating Month. It’s just another way these 2 families are trying to give back to local communities.

Sk8world has hosted wonderful field trips over the summer like the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Northwest Indiana providing affordable group rates and celebrating special events with families like birthday parties and family reunions. It’s heartwarming to know that these cousins, along with wives Violet and Anita have made the right decision and all the hard work that goes into revamping a closed roller rink has breathed new life into not only their facility, but has so many families roller skating again in Portage Indiana.

I went last night for my brothers birthday. He’s 27, by the way, but he never got an R-way party so we made it happen. We were not disappointed!!! The place looks amazing! We went in a big group and they waived the skate rental fee for us. They even allowed us to bring in cupcakes in! (We shared with the staff) It was a really good time and we will definitely be going back!!!

Samantha J.