Do you want to encourage your kids to get off the couch, put down the phone, and get some exercise? And how about a great opportunity for them to socialize and have fun?

Look no further! Here are 10 Reasons to go to Sk8world:

1) EXERCISE. Rollerskating is great exercise, especially for core strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination. And you can burn 600 calories per hour!

2) PEOPLE. Sk8world is a great place to socialize with other people who enjoy skating, and with the friendly Sk8world staff!

3) SAFETY. There are referees on the floor to keep kids safe, and be on hand in case of an accident to help out!

4) LEARNING. If you don’t know how to skate, there are classes on Sundays 11a – 1p,  followed by an open session, so you can practice what you have learned! “Rolling Skate Mate Trainers” are available to rent for $5 if you are just getting started.

5) AFFORDABLE. We have competitive prices for admission and skate rentals, probably the best deal in town compared to other forms of entertainment.

6) PARENTS. Parents can also skate, or they can sit and watch while enjoying the great music! Sk8world lets non skating parents in free with their child.

7) PIZZA. We make GREAT pizza and other food choices at affordable family prices. Enjoy a meal at the Cafe while at Sk8world.

8) MOBILE MOVES. Where else can you enjoy a giant dance floor while rolling around on wheels?

9) SPECIAL EVENTS. We are planning lots of special events for the upcoming season. Be sure to check our Schedule and our Upcoming Events page for details.

10) GOOD CLEAN FUN! At Sk8world in Portage Indiana there are always plenty of activities going on – a snack bar, a game room, and plenty of skates to rent – and it’s always a fun place to escape the weather. It’s the ultimate winter play date!