Spring is here and what better time to get together with other home schooling families than at Sk8world of Portage for our April Home School Skate on April 10th from 1-3pm. Roller skating is a great way to get exercise while making new friends and having fun! Some even say that roller skating is fun you can feel. Using up to 80% of the bodies muscles and burning up to 650 calories per hour, some would say that roller skating is the perfect exercise! So tell your friends that you will see them at Sk8world on Wednesday, April 10th from 1pm – 3pm for our home school skate! If your children need to learn to roller skate, consider taking our Sunday class that includes the afternoon session and rental skates for $10!

April Homeschool skate on April 10 from 1pm - 3pm with photos of a notepad and children on roller skates.

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